Trump's 'Pay To Play' and IRS fraud

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    HERE is evidence that Trump used ‘pay to play’ and lied about it because charities are prohibited from making political contributions. And the Donald J. Trump Foundation has received almost no contributions from Trump. He hasn’t contributed to it since 2008.

    The Donald J. Trump Foundation was fined $2,500 this year after it sent a $25,000 political donation to Pam Bondi, Florida’s attorney general yet reported it to the IRS as going to a non-profit in another state.

    When Trump sent the $25,000, Bondi was weighing whether to pursue an investigation of fraud against Trump University. SHE DECIDED NOT TO BRING CHARGES WHICH IS PAY TO PLAY.

    “The Washington Post reported that Trump’s foundation did not list a donation to the group backing Bondi in its 2013 tax filings. The Trump Foundation instead detailed a contribution to a charity in Kansas with a similar name which was never actually made. Trump’s organization additionally listed “no” when asked on a tax form if it had made any political donations that year.”

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    Trump bribes an official so Floridians can’t recover the money Trump conned them out of. If you have lots of money like Trump you’re above the law and can cheat people at will and even win the presidency as a reward.

    And the major media outlets ignore it!

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