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    In the last six presidential elections, 19 states and the District of Columbia have been won by the Democrat. These states account for 242 electoral votes, only 28 shy of the 270 needed to win the presidency.

    By comparison, 13 states voted for the Republican in the last six elections. They account for only 102 electoral votes.

    In 2012, Romney lost in a landslide even though he received an additional 104 electoral votes. That still left him at 206 electoral votes compared to Obama’s 332.

    In 2008, John McCain lost the electoral vote with 173 electoral votes compared to Obama’s 365.

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    Hers some details on that with more in the link.

    This brings us to the advantage of the Democratic Party in the Electoral College. Here’s the math to make it simple:

    ◾At the present time, eighteen states in America reliably vote Democrat in every presidential election. Those states are on the west coast and eastern seaboard–and include some very large states such as California and New York. These eighteen states–called the “Blue Wall”–contain 237 electoral votes–just 23 short of what’s needed to win.

    ◾Another fourteen states–most of which are in the Mid-west and South have reliably voted Republican for years. But they are states with smaller populations and thus smaller Electoral College votes. The red States make up 101 electoral votes.

    This gives the Democratic Party a huge advantage. Their candidate, unless they’re a murderer or spouse-beater, has a pretty strong lock on 247 electoral votes. They only need to snag a few more states–like Ohio and Florida–or any other combination of smaller states to win.

    On the other hand, the Republican standard-bearer needs to run the table of many states to add enough electoral votes to their 101 to triumph.

    Why Do the Democrats Hold an Electoral College Advantage?

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    I send this to all my friends who claim Trump is going to win. It’s from none other than George Will.

    Your problem is the 18 states and the District of Columbia that have voted democratic in six consecutive presidential elections, Will said on Fox News Sunday. Those 18 states, which include New Jersey by the way, have 242 electoral votes. If the Democratic presidential nominee can assume those states, he or she will spend the autumn of 2016 looking for 28 electoral votes, and he or she will find them.

    Politifact ruling:

    Will said Democrats have taken 18 states and the District of Columbia in every presidential election since 1992. The record backs that up.

    We rate the claim True.

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