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    If Bill Clinton was bad for the U.S. we can only hope for it again if HRC wins the presidency.

    Clinton left a $86.4 billion federal “surplus” in fiscal 2000. Bush left a $454.8 billion “deficit” in fiscal 2008.

    Unemployment was 3.9% at the end of Clinton’s term yet 7.8% when GW Bush left office.

    Under Clinton, 22.9 million new jobs were created. Under GW Bush, less than 1.8 million. (less than one-twelfth of Clinton).

    Under Clinton, median wages grew 6% in inflation adjusted terms. Under GW Bush, wages declined 4.2%.

    Clinton averaged 3.8% growth in real GDP. GW Bush averaged 1.1%.

    The stock market gained 226% under Clinton. It lost 19% under Bush.

    Clinton added $1.396 trillion, a 32% increase, to the U.S. debt. GW Bush added $5.849 trillion, a 101% increase (over 3 times more than Clinton by percentage).

    Under Clinton, the ratio of deficit to GDP averaged 0.5%. Under GW Bush it averaged 2.7%.

    Under Clinton, federal spending fell to 18.4% of GDP, the lowest level since 1966. Under GW Bush it rose to 24.9%.

    Under Clinton, federal spending increased 32%. Under GW Bush, spending increased 70%.

    Clinton removed 7.7 million people from poverty. GW Bush added 6.9 million people in poverty.

    Inflation averaged 2.6% over Clinton’s term. It averaged 2.84% under GW Bush.

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    And also poverty went up from 11.7% under Bill Clinton to 13.2% under Bush Jr. It’s 14.8% in the latest report (2014) but that’s because Bush destroyed the economy and Republicans in Congress only help the wealthy.

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